TravelPerch Is Hotelling It

North Dakota got me hooked on hotels. Seriously.

When my 7-year old peepers caught sight of the magnificent lobby of the hotel my family and I were checking in to one chilly Dakotan night, I was smitten. Since then, I’ve had a fascination with hotels, experiencing hundreds of them on six continents through the eyes of a hotel inspector, business and leisure guest, resort employee, as well as event planner.

Over a fifteen-year period, I was a flight attendant and then a cruise line employee, which enabled me to stay at a variety of hotels dotting the globe. As an accommodation inspector, I rated over 250 hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts, and as an event planner, I worked closely with dozens of hotels. As well, the positions I held at resort hotels helped me to gain a unique insider’s view of hotels. Whenever I travel for business or pleasure, the accommodation is one of the many highlights of the trip for me.

All this because of North Dakota.

So, why am I sharing with you my background about hotels? Well, I’d like to take this blog into a different direction and focus on hotels. Since a “perch” is a resting place and this blog is called “TravelPerch, it’s a perfect fit. My hope is that, through TravelPerch, I can assist travellers with their accommodation choices. I would also like to be of service to those operating the hotels I review because, as a business owner, I have found that the positive and constructive feedback our customers have taken the time to provide us with has helped us to grow. If you have any feedback, I encourage you to email me at

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