7 Things You Wouldn’t Think to Pack for a Cruise

Having worked on over 30 cruises and toured ships from four cruiselines, I’ve put together a list of items you may not have thought to pack but should definitely consider adding to your list:voltage_valet_ps2_3__26164.1385268213.1280.1280

1) Power Bar – Outlets are often in short supply in cabins so if you need to charge or plug in several items, you’ll definitely need a Voltage Valet Travel Power Strip. (at right)

2) Lanyard – You’ll spot many cruisers wearing their credit card-style cabin key hanging around their neck from a lanyard. This way, you won’t need to always be carrying a purse or wearing clothes with pockets.

elgin_travel_alarm_clock__73214.1388292108.1280.12803) Alarm Clock –  Some cruise lines don’t have clocks in their cabins so taking one of these is an absolute must if you don’t want to miss that shore excursion or breakfast buffet! The Elgin Digital Travel Alarm Clock (at left) has a very good alarm on it.

4) Post-It Notes – These gems make it easier to communicate with others you’re travelling with. And, if you have any requests of your cabin steward, simply leave them a note on the bathroom mirror.

5) Walkie-Talkies – Another great way to keep in touch with your cruising companions (especially if you’re travelling with children or a large group) is by using a set of walkie-talkies. You may also be able to rent them from the Purser’s Desk on board.travelon_laundry_soap_sheets__65130.1378755176.1280.1280

6) Laundry Essentials  – If you’re on the road for more than a week, lighten your load by using the onboard laundry room. Customers love the ultra compact Flexo-Line laundry line and Travelon Laundry Soap Sheets. (at right)

7) Binoculars – You’ll be so glad you took a pair of compact binoculars, especially when sailing in Alaska and other areas rich in nature and wildlife. Bushnell and Nikon are popular brands.

Enjoy your cruise!!

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